There could not have been a more special time than that of late 2017 for this incredible power couple. Sealing their love with a sentimental kiss (that went a little over the standard time frame, but who's counting right?!), and celebrating the legalisation of their marriage in the later months with an all-round-drinking-game-rainbow-party, it was an exhilarating ride, to say the least.

But what made this day even more special was the commitment; from their family, friends and each other, to cherish and relish in the meaning of true love - and our girls from MBL Artistry could not have been more proud to be a part of it (and I'm talking about joining in on the overflowing tear session during the ceremony and all) We had four spectacular girls from our team out on the grounds of Stanley Park, and while keeping twelve girls apart became seemingly easy, the nature of the morning was the easiest - smooth, calm and full of love and laughter.

Bonnie EickComment