Nothing quite compares to watching someone you love, love and be loved so deeply. I have been one lucky girl to go through every year of my life with this girl by my side. From pre-school to primary school, throughout all of high school and into the years of so called ‘adulthood’, our friendship has brought many tales of love, tears, laughter and effortless perfection!

When Kristen and Angus met she was goner - for all the right reasons. It was instantly a done deal despite any hurdles left behind as they went full steam ahead through their teenage years and into the thriving love they both share. Their upmost passion for each other is beyond inspiring; to the point where all of us girls literally sit back, watch them, and think ‘wow, they are in so much freaking love!’ - it’s amaze. Enough about how much I love them as people and onto the wedding day; the rainy, wet, pouring wedding day that couldn’t be filled with more love, happiness or heartfelt moments if it tried. I can recall countless times just standing there and feeling tears roll down my cheek for no reason. The happiness was oozing, the good vibes were flowing and watching Kristen turn into a bride within moments was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

So enjoy this gallery as much as I do, it’s a special one.


Makeup: Makeup by Bonnie Lee | Hair: Maddalena MBL Artistry | Photography: Muse Photography | Venue: The Stables of Somersby