Sunday is hands down the best day of the week. Its all about relaxation, rejuvenation and if your not too dusty, brunching and putting on that favourite outfit or pair of boyfriend jeans that makes us feel like we have our style down pat for once, cause lets be honest, it doesn’t happen every other day. Sunday is the perfect excuse for oversize anything, t-shirts, jeans, sunnies, hats and most importantly oversized coffee, a must have just like every other day. This relaxed style can most certainly be reflected in hair and makeup and so many simple things can get those Sunday vibes oozing out of you. 

Makeup: Bronze those cheeks and illuminate your cheekbones. Wear minimal foundation and leave off the powder to get that sun kissed dewy look on your skin. Say no to eye shadow and hello to a nice clean mascara application. Finish off with a nice natural lip liner and some Paw Paw ointment to rehydrate those kissing tools!

Hair: Curl away then brush, brush, brush. Pin hair over your ponytail elastic. Take over the ‘Man bun’ with a gorgeous messy topknot, (girl power!) Sweep back your heavily hair sprayed hair from last night into middle part low bun and voilà, a clean, crisp and FRESH looking Sunday. 

Pauline MorrisseyComment