Their love is filled with endless laughter and their world is completed whole heartedly by the other. Sophie and Matt knew form their first moments together that the rest of their life was about to unveil into a journey of a lifelong love. Nick Sim captures these images with Sophie and Matt, as they share these intimate moments in place they hold closely to their heart, and I had the pleasure of spending the moment leading up to it doing Sophie's makeup and discussion all the fine details of their incredible wedding. And you betchya', Nick Sim Photography and Makeup by Bonnie Lee will be there again to enjoy the special moments on their beautiful Wedding day later this month. Enjoy Part One below, the Engagement shoot of Sophie + Matt, I can not wait to share more with you in Part 2, with beautiful words from the bride and groom and the stunning images from Nick Sim to match.

IN HIS WORDS | The Proposal

Anyone who knows us can tell you it's hard to keep anything from Soph, so keeping it as a surprise was rather challenging. In the lead up to the proposal the first challenge was asking Graeme for his blessings in asking Sophie to marry me. Once I had his blessings my plans unraveled really well. I had to do a lot of groundwork for it not to appear like something was going to happen! So about a month before I proposed I said to Soph that we really should try to make time each week to go for a walk along the beach or climb Tomaree Mountain. I also used the excuse that I need to get in shape to make it look more convincing. The night before, I called Soph and said that we are starting out fitness routine tomorrow just before sunrise. I packed a backpack with water bottles, towels etc with the main aim being to hide the ring somewhere. Finally the morning arrived, Soph isn't exactly the biggest morning person, which worked well as she wasn't very attentive with her saying "who would get up at this time? Especially on a Sunday morning?”

We climbed the mountain and the timing couldn't have been any more perfect, the weather was immaculate and the sun was just starting to rise over the ocean. Soph took a seat on a rock and asked for a drink, which was the perfect opportunity for me to grab the ring. Red faced and puffing from the climb, I kneeled down on one knee and asked the love of my life to marry me!

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