She is a wild heart; a captivating love enriched and fulfilled by the desire of her own soul. She needs no one person to guide her, seeks no path to follow; just the love she has for her own.

She empowers all those who cross her path, leaving an illuminating glow that resonates within them, encouraging them to, like her, be inspired by a life that is created on the notion that each journey is filled with that of a million stars, countless opportunities and brave adventures conquered with courageous truths and honest hearts. 

She is a romantic is the form of being, a sweet adventurer of the wilderness and a lover like no other; she is a wanderer.

This styled shoot was pieced together by women who continue to drive and inspire each other even in the world seems like it is running a thousand miles an hour. It encouraged us to slow down and weave together unique elements of the incredible bridal world that we live and love; the ones that keep our souls enriched and encourage us every single day to strive for dreams, desires and a complete state of happiness within ourselves, our journeys and very own hearts.

Creatives: Bonnie Lee + Muse Photography | Hair + Makeup: Makeup by Bonnie Lee | Photography: Muse Photography | Model: Mikayala Klewer | Florals: Botanica Bird | Gowns: Lily Grace Bridal | Loaction: Adams Peak Country Estate 



Bonnie Eick