It was champagne, cheese platters, love and laughs as this incredible couple prepared for their big day in separate wings of a beautiful heritage style home in the Hunter Valley, NSW. While we could hear the boys laughter from the pool, all of us girls giggled our way through the morning reminiscing on primary school romances and memories then on to the incredible story of Sophie and Cal; their first meeting, their travels, adventures and the unforeseen future of what this glorious life will hold for them. Having known both Sophie and Cal for many years, it was an absolute honour to be apart of their wedding and to share the morning with Sophie, her beautiful mother and closest friends watching the magic of the day she had been waiting for unfold around us. I completed her final touches with just moments before she stepped out of the bedroom and straight onto the grounds of which their party waited patiently. Her father walked her down the aisle toward the love her life and she quickly became Mrs McDonald. More from Sophie below, with stunning captures by Lauren Anne Photography.

"As I walked down the aisle towards him a million thoughts were going through my head! 'How are there so many people staring at me?' 'Thank god my dad is holding my arm or I'd fall over' 'Am I walking too fast?' 'I feel sick' 'Am I walking too slow?' 'Smile, smile, try and look happy not like you're going to puke down your dress'. And, just like in a movie everything went into slow motion and I saw him standing there and we looked at each other. Even now thinking of the love and emotion in his eyes it gives me butterflies! I was not expecting to be emotional or for Cal to be either, but there were we, bubbling messes ready to spend the rest of our lives together."

Hair + Makeup: Makeup  by Bonnie Lee | Photography: Lauren Anne Photography

Bonnie Eick