AESOP Tea Tree Leaf Facial Exfoliant | FIG AND YARROW Floral Milk Bath | MAC Strobe Cream | ST TROPEZ Gradual Tan | ANTIPODES Water | NARS Aqua Gel Oil Free Moisturiser | ODACITE Hydrating Skin Serum Concentrate | RIVER ISLAND Paw Paw | HERBIVORE Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist | HELLO HAIR Hydrating Hair Mask 

AESOP Tea Tree Leaf Facial Exfoliant | FIG AND YARROW Floral Milk Bath | MAC Strobe Cream | ST TROPEZ Gradual Tan | ANTIPODES Water | NARS Aqua Gel Oil Free Moisturiser | ODACITE Hydrating Skin Serum Concentrate | RIVER ISLAND Paw Paw | HERBIVORE Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist | HELLO HAIR Hydrating Hair Mask 

When it comes into the winter months, our skin faces all sorts of harsh weather conditions. It can go days without seeing sunshine then be heading full steam ahead into blistering cold winds. Lets face it, since most of us go into hibernation mode, it is easy to neglect looking after the skin that lies beneath the twelve layers of tights, hoodies, scarves, doonas and Netflix for a solid 4 months of the year, but when the time comes to strip all that off, you want your skin to ready to go, feeling fresh, hydrated and ready for those hot summer adventures. So here are your Ten ‘Winter Skin’ Commandments. Do them all and do them well!

1.     CLEANSE

Find a cleanser that is suitable for your skin type. If you find that dry skin is easy for you to come by during the colder months try using a gentle cleansing milk or switching to a cream cleanser. Even if your face ‘feels’ clean, it is still super important to cleanse at night to make sure all of the nasties being blown around by those howling winds are kept off our face.


Aesop Tea Tree leaf Facial Exfoliant $54

Many of our days in summer are spent relaxing in the sand and cooling off in the salty water, these two elements alone naturally exfoliate the skin and with the water as cold as ice, lets just say it wont be happening – so keep on it! Exfoliating clears away all the dead skin cells, leaving you with smooth feeling and looking skin! It stimulates circulation the regeneration of skin cells to create radiant looking skin with a natural healthy glow. But it doesn’t just stop with your pretty face, fortnightly body scrubs are the best thing you will ever add in to your beauty regime, you can thank me later for my recommendation, but when you climb into your sheets with body feeling like silk, you will feel a million bucks! TIP: Focus on areas that would normally be between the sandy shores during summer, your elbows, knees, feet. 

3.     HYDRATE

It is extremely important to keep your skin and yourself hydrated throughout the cooler months. While the usual ‘moisturiser’ is the usual way to keep your skin feeling fresh, try doing it from the inside out. It is so easy to forget a glass of water when a hot coffee or chai latte is calling at 7am but keeping your water intake up in crucial. If you are still finding it hard to remember, set yourself an alarm or download an app to remind you of your daily H20 intake.


Get rich or die tryin’ – now is the time to pull the big guns out. All those heavier/richer moisturisers and night creams that felt a little too much in the summer are now ready to work their magic. Don’t slap it on, try using circular motions to improve blood circulation, brightening skin and draining the toxins. Hay fever sufferers should pull from the bottom of the inner eye to the temple; it drains out those sinuses and feels amazing. Don’t be afraid of a night cream, some may feel like these products are for more mature woman but, prevention is better cure and there is absolutely nothing wrong with letting a night cream soak in and do it’s job while you relax and unwind!

5.     SERUMS

Odacite Hydrating Skin Serum Concentrate $75

Odacite Hydrating Skin Serum Concentrate $75

Try adding serums to your regime if you haven’t already. These bad boys are a godsend for your skin.  Containing up to 70% active ingredients, compared to a moisturiser or cleaners, which can vary 5%-10%, serums target problem areas and get results fast! Whether it is fine lines, hydration, pigmentation, or a firming brighter complexion, serums have you covered. These can be used in conjunction with your normal moisturisers or on their own to avoid the heavy feeling moisturiser can give off.

6.     PAW PAW

Keep those lips of yours soft, delicate and downright kissable. Prevention is better than cure so whip on some paw paw daily! If you usually wear a lipstick or coloured gloss, try popping on some paw paw ointment about 20 mins before to keep them moist and protected. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties were developed to treat burns, bites and wounds so if you find yourself with windburn, and extremely dry lips this is definitely a go to!


Winter is certainly a time where you will find all sorts of skin conditions flaring up out of nowhere. Eczema, dermatitis and dry itchy skin are all skin irritations that are quite common in these seasons so switching to fragrance free products can be extremely relieving and much more comfortable for you. If you find that your skin is still quite irritated after switching beauty products try changing your laundry powder!!

8.     MASKS

Hello Hair Hydrating Mask $15

Hello Hair Hydrating Mask $15

Yes, yes and yes! These months are the perfect time to hide indoors in front of your favourite movie, face mask on and wine in hand. You don’t need to do this alone, get your girls over, do a little DIY natural mask making and get it on your skin. But don’t stop there. Try adding a mask into your beauty regime on a weekly basis, a ‘deep hydrating’ mask is perfect for this time of year, try and steer clear from clay based masks as these tend to draw out the moisture from your skin. Don’t be afraid to add in hair and body masks, these will make all the difference to those lush locks come summer time!

9.     SOAKS

Long hot baths are not highly recommended as they can draw the moisture out of your skin and leave it look dry and dehydrated, but I couldn’t think of anything better than laying in a hot bath on a cold night – sometimes our body just needs to feel a big warm water cuddle! If you do jump in, add a milk bath or a bath soak to the water to make it all the more luxurious, plus, leaving your skin with that extra moisture.


I always recommend to try and keep makeup and tan to a minimum during winter, some people say it protects your skin from certain nasties but less is more and it decreases the your chances of getting dry irritated skin. BUT you got to do what you got to do! If you want to add a little summer glow, try adding some strobe highlighting cream to your upper cheek bones to make them shine when you catch a glimpse of the winter sun! 

Enjoy your Winter lovers, 

Bonnie-Lee. xx


Images: Polyvore

Beauty Advisors: Bonnie-Lee Mooney, Jessie Blaxland



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